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Block Train Service Yiwu - Duisburg v.v.

|   Gruppe Neuigkeiten

The block train service on the Yiwu - Duisburg v.v. route - which is an integral part of the InterRail Portfolio - has been expanded and updated. This direction satisfies our customers with the following advantages: - The greater Shanghai region can be easily reached by pre-carriage and on-carriage - Less waiting time due to complete connection to the Shanghai customs system - Optimized customs procedures and less paperwork - Fully track and tracing In addition, InterRail will reactivate the Yiwu - Prague link westbound – the eastbound direction will be introduced soon. The connection Yiwu – Madrid (and vice versa) is still available.

For rates, departures, arrivals, capacities, general information and bookings please contact us: ireuinterrailag