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Constraints due to construction works in Malaszewicze

|   Europe News

Owing to infrastructure construction measures that were begun in March, the handling of containers from/to China via Brest-Terespol is subject to long-term constraints.

On Mach 12, works on the development of the Siedlce – Malaszewicze / Terespol line started; the upgrading is scheduled to be finished in 2020. The railway stations  Biala Podlaska, Malaszewicze and Terespol are to be modernized at the same time, which means tracks will be closed, and traffic capacity will be limited.

Malaszewice Poludniowe station, the station the trains to Brest are using, will be closed as of May 12 until the end of the year, as the tracks are to be modernized (1435mm). During this time, the trains will be routed via Malaszewice Centralne station. The modernization works will reduce the handling capacity of 14 trains per day to eight.